Farm Tour 3

Naxos Luxury Transport

Farm Tour 3

Stop at FARM (Cooking on the farm)

After your tour the farm watching the animals up close and learning a lot about them it s time for a unique farm cooking experience.

Giannis and Katerina will guide you to the garden and together will cut the vegetables and everything else you need to prepare a traditional meal.

The food is prepared either on the wood fire or in the traditional wood oven.

Then you will set the table and enjoy your meal with the delicious food you made and plenty of wine from the farm vineyard.

An experience that will be unforgettable and shouldn’t be missed.

Duration about 2 hours



Along with your escort , after walking in the heart of the village you ll visit the trantistional olivepress whare your escort will explain how the olive oil procedure was years ago and then together you ll enjoy a live demostration at the traditional pottery workshop. Here you ll lern what is sfouni or the cup of justice.

Duration 30 minutes



The neoclasical village of Naxos is here to show you class and art! From the car stop along with your escort you will be led to the historical centre. You will be shown the highlights of the village such as citron distillery to try citron liquor,visit FISH & OLIVE gallery,PHOS gallery or just take photos in the picturesque village.

Duration 30 minutes