Farm Tour 2

Naxos Luxury Transport

Farm Tour 2

Stop at FARM ( Become a farmer for one day)

Visit the traditional farm of Giannis and his wife Katerina and become a farmer for one day.

After your tour of the farm and the milking of the animals it stime to roll up your sleeves and make traditional cheese *kefalotiri* with the help and instructions of Giannis.

A process of preparation that is done in the same traditional way that was done by his father and grandfather many yearsago and which is not a reminiscent of the modern way of making cheese. Then you will enjoy this and the other types of traditional cheese from Naxos accompanying them with a glass of wine from the farm vineyard.

An experience that will be unforgettable and should not be missed.

Duration about 2 hours



Along with your escort, after walking in the heart of the village you ll visit the tradistional olivepress where your escort will explain how the olive demonstration at the traditional pottery workshop.Here you ll learn what is the sfouni or the cup of justice.

Duration 45 minutes



The neoclassical village of Naxos is here to show you class and art!From the car stop along with your escort you will be shown the highlights of the village such as citron distillery to try citron liquor,visit FISH & OLIVE gallery, PHOS gallery or just take photos in the picturesque village.

(Kitron distillery sinse 1896)

Duration 30 minutes